Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a set list for each show?

Each show is unique just like the people that are present at the venue.  Over The Edge Entertainment plays music to suit the occasion and the crowd.   We Play The Music You Want To Hear!

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Does Over The Edge Entertainment take song requests?

DEFINITELY!!!  Each show is different and we cater to the crowd.  Our music library is huge - with over 80,000 songs to choose from we are sure to have what you want to hear.   Most DJ's use a specific music library, we pride ourselves on having ALMOST everything you want to hear.   If we don't have your song selection we will do our best to locate the special request for your occasion or the next time we see you at a show.

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What services are included in each show?

Each show and venue is unique.  We customize the style, atmosphere, sound, lights, and music to meet the needs of our customers.  For special events such as Weddings, Corporate Events, and Private Parties we provide a planner and consultation to ensure that your event goes just the way you plan.  Every show includes:

  • Quality equipment -We use top of the line professional DJ equipment and always carry back up - just in case.
  • Customized Light Show - Using top of the line DJ Lights and Haze machine we offer more lights that your average Mobile Show!
  • Customized Music Library - We Play What You Want To Hear and adapt to each venue, crowd, and atmosphere.
  • 4 hours of quality Sound, Lights, and Music - We will customize based on the venue and crowd.
  • Crowd Interaction - We will customize our crowd interaction to meet the needs of the venue and atmosphere - You never know what might happen.
  • Music Library that EXCEEDS your expectations.  If we don't have it we will do our best to find it.  However, with over 80,000 songs I'm sure we will find something you like.

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Why should we hire Over The Edge Entertainment?

Over The Edge Entertainment is a reputable business with nearly 20 years of experience.  We have played over 2300 shows throughout the last 16 years.  We specialize in making sure our customers are satisfied and happy.  We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  Here are the Top 10 reasons you should hire us:

  1. We are professional Disc Jockeys that like to have fun, but take our job and our clients needs very seriously.
  2. We can adapt to changing atmospheres - sometimes the crowd changes throughout the show, we observe the crowd to determine what to play next of course always incorporating requests as they are received.
  3. We have 16 years of experience and have played over 2300 shows.  Each show is different from Weddings, School Dances, Public Venues, Private Parties, Corporate Events we have the experience to link music with great memories at your event.
  4. We have over 80,000 song titles in our music library from any genre imaginable (we don't leave 79,500 at home either).
  5. We offer value added services such as planning tools, song lists, etc. for Weddings, Corporate Events, School Dances, and Private Parties.  Check out our client site once you've booked your event with us.  The website services are available 24/7 - so you can plan at your pace when you have time!
  6. We are the most requested DJ Service in Southern Minnesota!!  This is our full-time job - we are not part-time DJ's - We have the experience that you need..  We are available via phone, email, or web at your convenience
  7. We've never missed or canceled a show!  We've heard the horror stories and had to decline emergency calls due to the hired DJ overbooking, canceling, or not showing up - Keep in mind we are booked months in advance (Weddings are booked a minimum of 6 - 12 months in advance) - if you are planning a special event don't wait until it's too late - contact us now!
  8. We take the time to find out what our clients want and expect.  We will provide consultation to our clients for their event including: song selection, lighting, sound levels/adjustments, emcee, special events/dances, event timeline, etc.  If you hire us - You are the customer and we will strive to meet and exceed your expectations.
  9. We put it in writing - From the contract, event planner, song list, etc.  We want you to provide information and feedback for your event.  In return we perform to meet and exceed your written expectations.
  10. We have professional equipment and carry insurance.

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Can we see Over The Edge Entertainment In ACTION before we book?

DEFINITELY!!  We encourage you to attend any of our public events, check our current schedule for shows.  Our private events (parties, weddings, corporate events) are not open to the public so please check the schedule for local public venues.  Give us a call if you have any questions about our shows 507.920.9691

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What's in your music library?

LOTS O'MUSIC!  We have over 80,000 songs that cross all genres from Rock, Country, Alternative, Punk, Urban, Top 40, Pop, Classical, Oldies, Jazz, Latin, Funk, Ska, Reggae, Blues, Disco, New Wave, Electronic, Polka, Specialty (Patriotic, Standards, Seasonal, etc.), Dance, Swing/Big Band, Metal, Christian/Gospel, Instrumental, New Age, and World.  If you like Elvis we've got it, if you like Snoop Dogg we've got it, if you like what you hear on the radio we've got that too.

We strive to have the new music FIRST and FAST.  We subscribe to 2 DJ Only promotional music services.  We generally have new music before you hear it on the radio.  We are constantly checking the charts for new music and monitoring trends.  If we hear a song that is really good and don't have it trust me we look for it and FAST.  We also have an extensive standards collections - so anything you see on the top songs of a given year we should have it.   We do our homework and carry around a lot of music knowledge - Remember we want to play what you want to hear and if you don't know the Artist or the Song Title we will do our best to help.

We also have a Wedding Song Idea list that you can use for inspiration when working to identify your favorite songs for those special dances such as: Grand March, First Dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Bridal Party, Dollar Dance, etc.

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How do you know what music to play?

  1. Experience
  2. Experience
  3. Requests
  4. Current Radio Play Charts
  5. Current Billboard Charts
  6. Most Requested Song Lists
  7. Experience
  8. Reading the crowd and feeling the atmosphere (experience)

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Does Over The Edge Entertainment have a schedule available online?

U betcha!  Our current schedule shows the date and venue for shows.  Give us a call if you have any questions about our shows 507.920.9691.

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Are radio (edited/clean) versions of your music library available for shows?

DEFINITELY!!  We have to have it!  The majority of our promotional recordings are edited versions, if for some reason we feel we need an actual version we will purchase the full version.

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How much time is required for set up?

Generally we need about 1 hour to set up before the show.  We strongly suggest that our clients discuss any special start times, set up times, etc. with the DJ at the time of booking or as soon as any change is required.   Some events and venues may require earlier set up and this can be accommodated.

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Have you ever missed or cancelled a show?

No - No - No - Absolutely Not.  We've driven through rain, sleet, snow to make it...We have never missed or cancelled a show.  On occasion we will have a show cancelled or rescheduled on us, but please remember when you are booking the retainer is non refundable.  We understand things change and situations arise and attempt to work out schedule changes always taking into consideration our existing commitments on the day of the schedule change.

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How much do you charge for each show?

We do not have standard fixed fee rate.  Each show is unique and can be customized based on the clients needs.  Please contact us at 507.920.9691 to receive current prices and any customization of packages.  You can also access our online booking system based on our availability to receive an estimate Event Quote.

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Why shouldn't we hire a less expensive DJ?

Simply stated: You get what you pay for.  Over The Edge Entertainment has the experience that a lot of other services do not have.  With over 2300 shows and 3 or more shows a week, we gain continuous exposure and strive to customize each show.

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