Over The Edge Entertainment Offers Latest In Bose Sound Technology
Over The Edge Entertainment Offers Latest In Bose Sound Technology
Over The Edge Entertainment Offers Latest In Bose Sound Technology
Over The Edge Entertainment Offers Latest In Bose Sound Technology

Over The Edge Entertainment Offers Latest In Bose Sound Technology

Bose’s best performing, most portable system yet.

Bose L1 Model II Sound SystemThis discrete but powerful sound system offers proprietary Bose technology to push large sound out of compact speakers. The L1 Model II system delivers wide horizontal sound coverage and smooth balance throughout any room. Each column contains 24 vertically mounted speakers to create clear and consistent sound. You’ll hear clear crisp sound throughout any room without turning the music to the max. The compact Bose sound will impress you and your guests. The Bose bass modules can kick the bass with for today’s hot music while keeping accurate amplification of lower (bass notes).

New directions in live sound
More than just a new type of loudspeaker, L1 portable line array systems provide a completely different approach to live sound. Using proprietary Bose technology, L1 systems combine PA and monitors into a single, highly portable unit that can be positioned behind or to the side of individuals onstage. This novel approach to amplification helps eliminate most of the issues with conventional PA systems—including excessive reverberation and extreme volume on and near the stage.

Lightweight, interlocking components help make L1 systems especially easy to transport and set up. And their distinctive vertical loudspeaker enclosures don't require separate speaker stands.

What makes an L1 loudspeaker so different?
The L1 loudspeakers project sound evenly.It begins with the shape. L1 Model I and Model II loudspeakers contain a column of closely spaced small drivers mounted in a slim enclosure. This unusual vertical design has significant effects on the sound. An L1 loudspeaker projects sound waves forward and to the sides at nearly 180 degrees, but very little up and down, reducing unwanted room reverberation. Amplified sound also spreads out more evenly across the stage and into the audience, and the volume level drops off much more slowly than with a conventional speaker.

The L1 Compact loudspeaker array is smaller than those in L1 Model I and II systems, but it produces comparable horizontal sound coverage.

For larger venues Over The Edge Entertainment (OTE) provides a full professional Peavey sound system. OTE will set-up the right configuration for your event based upon the size of the room, number of guests, and style of music. This system is commonly used for Nightclubs, School Dances, and very large Weddings.

Lighting is supplied for all events and we’ll guarantee we have more lighting effects than any DJ in Southern Minnesota. This intelligent lighting controller offers flexibility and sound controlled lighting that looks great for any live event. With the right music, right sound, right lights, and a little haze in the air you’ll be impressed by OTE’s super lighting effects.

OTE is always prepared for any situation that arises. We don’t come to your event without a back up plan, we know how important it is to our customers to provide top quality service and sound. OTE carries a backup music library and equipment in case of emergency; you never know what might happen.

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